The long winter hibernation is over!

The temperature hit 70 degrees today in central New Hampshire, and for the second night in a row we don’t need to start a fire in the wood stove.  That means our long winter hibernation is OVER!

Now that spring has sprung, are you finding that your house needs a refreshing coat of paint?  Maybe a summery color to perk up your living room?  A cool, soothing color for your bedroom?  While you’re in the spring cleaning mode, did you find some post-winter damage to your home or garage that needs attention?

Give Harry a call at 603-254-9838.  He’d be happy to take a look at your painting or home improvement project and provide you with a free estimate to get the job done at a fair and reasonable price.

I know Harry looks like a young buck, but he’s been painting and caring for Waterville Valley, Campton, Thornton and Plymouth-region homes and condominiums since 1981 (and prior to that, he worked his way through Plymouth State University (“College” back then) painting houses in northern New Hampshire).

Harry Stearns Painting


Harry Stearns Painting



Crayola Quiz: Can you name the crayon colors?

Did you enjoy Monday’s color quiz?  Well, here’s another color quiz from Crayola!  See how many crayon color names you can name.  For those of us of a certain age, it’s a nostalgia-inducing trip down memory lane!

Click here to go to the Crayola quiz.


(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)

Paint Chip Crafts

I finally found a way to repurpose all the paint chips scattered around my house and in Harry’s work truck.  Paint chip crafts!  And they’re actually useful and pretty!

Briana Mowrey, a contributor to Design Happens on, blogged five easy projects even a DIY dunce like me can do – found here.

1) Create a paint chip chandelier!

2) Create a table topper with paint chips – just arrange the paint chips on top, then place a pane of glass or plexi on top.

3) Create paint chip bunting using hole punches in various shapes!

4) Create treasure boxes. Just cut, fold & tape.

5) And…my favorite craft idea…create a paint chip work of art.



How well do you see color?

Have you ever wondered how well you see color?  I found a quiz online here that can help you find out.

Be forewarned…this is harder than you’d think!

I scored a 20 (the lower the score the better).  People in my age group scored between 0 (a perfect score) and 1056 (YIKES! That’s terrible!).


Best paint colors for men

Happy Father’s Day to my daddio and my dad-in-law!

I saw a statistic in the news that dads are less likely to get a gift on Father’s Day than moms are on Mother’s Day.  What do you get for the guy who has everything?  And doesn’t it seem like dads always have just what they need – no silly or frivolous gifts wanted or needed.

Here’s an idea.  How about creating a special space just for dad?  Whatever you choose to call it – Man Cave, Office, Den, Workshop – a place where dad can retreat, refresh, rejuvenate.

Colors play an important role in setting the atmosphere for your man cave. Glidden has released the top ten colors that are sure to make your space rock. Colors like Deep Garnet, Walnut Bark and Rich Navy lead the way. Find the right colors for your man cave with Glidden’s Top Ten Man Cave Colors for 2011:

House Beautiful designers reveal 13 colorful ways to please a man.

According to Time News Feed, real men don’t buy paint with enticing names like Fairytale Green or Butterscotch. They prefer colors dubbed Mo Money and Beer Time instead.

Such is the logic at Canada’s CIL Paints, which  renamed 27 of its paint colors in a bid to boost their appeal to men. Pumpkin Face has given way to Peanut Butter Punch. Bone White is now Beer Foam. And Cloud Nine—that’s a grayish duck egg, for all you ladies—is now Iced Vodka.

Well, if all else fails…I’ve found that the dads in my life still enjoy a batch of fresh baked cookies!

Cheers (and XO to the dads in my life),

Choosing the right color scheme for your office

Jan here (Harry’s wife);  I’ll be guest blogging for the next couple of months. Summer = busy, busy, busy for painters (especially up here in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where sunny, warm days seem to be a rare commodity!).

I’m a Facebook fan of Parker House Designs. A very talented Amy Parker of Alton, NH offers a wide variety of home interior services to clients in the Lakes Region and central New Hampshire.  Several days ago Amy posted color quiz results with photos of four different office spaces, corresponding paint colors from Sherwin-Williams, and explanations of how the color choices might affect the office occupants.  Amy recommended the green/brown color combination for me – below – and she hit the nail on the head!  Check out all four of Amy’s color palettes below…

For marketing professionals, Greens/Browns are recommended for primary colors with a sprinkling of the other Feng Shui Elements. These colors promote trust and opportunities with & for your clients.

For a creative professional, Red/Fire/Flame is recommended for primary colors with a sprinkling of the other Feng Shui Elements. The warmth of red tones or flames in candles will boost action & productivity. This element us suggested for creative artists and therapists.

For the number crunchers and analytical minds of the world, Earth Tones are recommended for primary colors with a sprinkling of the other Feng Shui Elements. These colors encourage concentration and wealth.

For association leaders/management professionals, Blue/Black are recommended for primary colors with a sprinkling of the other Feng Shui Elements. These colors encourage communication, opportunity, concentration and intelligence.

What colors are right for your personality?!


Rainy Day DIY Idea

It’s another rainy day … and I woke up wondering What can I do besides sitting in front of the TV (although I WILL have to do that this afternoon because collegiate rugby 7 championships are on!)?

I went to one of my favorite online resources, Good Housekeeping.  What can I say?  Men like it, too!

I found an easy 1-hour project, “How to build a shutter side table.”

Found on, photo by Michael Partenio

What you’ll need:

  • 4 wood shutters, all the same size
  • 8 art canvas stretchers
  • 16 screws
  • 1 piece of glass for table top – cut to fit inside beveled edge of canvas frame


  1. Stand all four shutters up and form the table shape; The four shutters together will make a square base.
  2. Grab a friend to hold the shutters in place, then measure the width of one shutter.
  3. Take that square measurement and purchase 8 art stretchers of the same or slightly larger measurement (stretcher measurement can be slightly larger, it just means the top will extend beyond the sides a bit).
  4. Piece the stretchers together to form two square shapes; one for the base, and one for the top of the table.
  5. Standing the shutters up vertically, place the frame on top of the four shutters.
  6. Drill 2 screws (evenly spaced on each side) through the frame and into the top edge of the shutter to hold firm. Repeat on the other three sides.
  7. Turn the shutter over, and repeat the previous step.
  8. Finish the wood stretchers with the same paint or stain as the shutter.
  9. Have a glass store cut a 1/4-inch piece of glass for the tabletop that will fit inside the canvas stretcher’s beveled edge.