Find your color

Hello.  My name is Jan Stearns. I am a sucker for color quizzes.

I had a lot of feedback from the last color quiz I wrote about.  Sooo…I just had to take another quickie quiz that I found on, ‘Find Your Color,’ which will supposedly help you create color schemes perfect for your home and personality.

Take the quiz here > > (Scroll midway down the page for the link)

What were your results?

Apparently, I am Warm & Vibrant!

“You are a sunny, energetic person who needs the same kind of colors surrounding you. Your ideal color palette consists of yellow, orange and red. Opt for deeper tones for a warm look and feel. Lighter, brighter tones produce vibrancy and stimulation.”

Image found on


(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)


Paint Chip Crafts

I finally found a way to repurpose all the paint chips scattered around my house and in Harry’s work truck.  Paint chip crafts!  And they’re actually useful and pretty!

Briana Mowrey, a contributor to Design Happens on, blogged five easy projects even a DIY dunce like me can do – found here.

1) Create a paint chip chandelier!

2) Create a table topper with paint chips – just arrange the paint chips on top, then place a pane of glass or plexi on top.

3) Create paint chip bunting using hole punches in various shapes!

4) Create treasure boxes. Just cut, fold & tape.

5) And…my favorite craft idea…create a paint chip work of art.