Cool Ideas for Chalkboard Paint

A young couple with small children hired Harry to re-paint a number of rooms in their new house.  The clever couple asked Harry to create an eco-friendly message center (a modern-day bulletin board) using chalkboard paint (which looked similar to this image, right, I found at  Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint (307) is easy to apply to almost any surface in your home.  All you have to do is buy some chalk and an eraser.  Voila…a message center for jotting down phone messages, menus, reminders and grocery lists – and without wasting paper and adding to our landfills!

Harry also created an entire chalkboard wall in the children’s playroom (similar to the image, below) – a fun canvas to encourage creativity!  With a chalkboard wall, hopefully children won’t feel drawn to paint or color on your other walls!

Image found on

Other ideas for chalkboard paint:

  • IIn the kitchen, frame a chalkboard square on the wall with decorative molding or a colorful paint to display the day’s menu. This can be a great touch for special family meals and when entertaining guests.
  • Kids love to draw on “forbidden” surfaces like tabletops or closet doors. Turn these surfaces into wondrous canvases with chalkboard paint and multicolored chalk–they’ll love it, and it’s easy to clean up.
  • Personalize your coasters with chalkboard paint for just about any occasion. Use them as name cards at your dinner parties, draw storks on them for your best friend’s baby shower, or use magnetic tape to put them on your fridge as mini-blackboards. [Note: Be sure to prime the surface before painting.]
  • Do you have to rummage through your storage bins every time you need to find something you put away? Problem solved: Just paint chalkboard squares on your bins and label them. It’s a great way to keep things organized. [Note: Be sure to prime the surface before painting.]
  • A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Coat part of a wall with chalkboard paint and create four weeks’ worth of squares in a variety of chalk colors. Use it just like a regular planner for events, reminders, school schedules, and lots more.
  • If you enjoy growing herbs indoors, paint terracotta planters with chalkboard paint and label them with chalk to keep track of exactly what’s growing where–from basil to mint. [Note: Be sure to prime the surface before painting.)Cheers!Jan
    (Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)