The long winter hibernation is over!

The temperature hit 70 degrees today in central New Hampshire, and for the second night in a row we don’t need to start a fire in the wood stove.  That means our long winter hibernation is OVER!

Now that spring has sprung, are you finding that your house needs a refreshing coat of paint?  Maybe a summery color to perk up your living room?  A cool, soothing color for your bedroom?  While you’re in the spring cleaning mode, did you find some post-winter damage to your home or garage that needs attention?

Give Harry a call at 603-254-9838.  He’d be happy to take a look at your painting or home improvement project and provide you with a free estimate to get the job done at a fair and reasonable price.

I know Harry looks like a young buck, but he’s been painting and caring for Waterville Valley, Campton, Thornton and Plymouth-region homes and condominiums since 1981 (and prior to that, he worked his way through Plymouth State University (“College” back then) painting houses in northern New Hampshire).

Harry Stearns Painting


Harry Stearns Painting