Tangerine: The New IT Color?

On Saturday I blogged about accent walls.  This morning I found this image of a tangerine colored accent wall that looks quite yummy!

Image found here

According to Ben Moore blogger Leigh-Ann Allaire, “There’s a fun and fiery little hue that has recently burst onto the design scene in a BIG way and nabbed major attention in the worlds of both fashion and decor alike…”

Leigh-Ann writes:

Described by some as vivacious, exotic, sophisticated, and even spirited, this colour has single-handedly invaded our closets, crept into our kitchens, taken us for a joy ride, and even kissed a cheek or two!

Pin pointing a colour trend isn’t always an easy task, but when you start to see a tasty colour like tangerine transition so seamlessly into various industries, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s made a mark.  But is it really a trend?  Or could it be that tangerine has been lingering in my fan deck all along as a classic??

See, long before tangerine tango’d its way onto the design industry dance floor, I fondly associated the hue with an iconic Parisian high fashion house established in 1837…. Hermes!

There has always been something so delectably chic about those beautiful orange pinstriped boxes…

And how can you not fall in love with this stunningly classic orange-tastic space inspired by the boxes themselves!

Regardless of whether you file TANGERINE under “Trendy” or “Classic”, would you dare to add a dash or a splash in your own home?

Just a DASH…

Painted Trim

Make a Bold Entrance’

Accent Walls & Colour Blocking

Painted Furniture

Make a SPLASH…

Like Leigh-Ann says, “There’s no doubt that tangerine is currently hot on the design scene! But the big question is…Are you into it, or over it?”


Harry Stearns Painting

This blog post and images (unless otherwise noted) have been excerpted from Benjamin Moore’s Color Chats. Click here to see complete post.


Before/After Bathroom

Our “master” bath – if it can be called that – is very small.  We painted the walls a creamy white with a white trim and natural pine ceiling, but I’m always looking for bathroom color ideas.

I found this before & after photo using the Benjamin Moore Affinity collection (safari AF-335, deep in thought AF-30 & sparrow AF-720). What do you think? Does it create a relaxing color palette?

Image found on benjaminmoore.com

Harry Stearns Painting’s unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader!

Cool Ideas for Chalkboard Paint

A young couple with small children hired Harry to re-paint a number of rooms in their new house.  The clever couple asked Harry to create an eco-friendly message center (a modern-day bulletin board) using chalkboard paint (which looked similar to this image, right, I found at BenjaminMoore.com).  Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint (307) is easy to apply to almost any surface in your home.  All you have to do is buy some chalk and an eraser.  Voila…a message center for jotting down phone messages, menus, reminders and grocery lists – and without wasting paper and adding to our landfills!

Harry also created an entire chalkboard wall in the children’s playroom (similar to the image, below) – a fun canvas to encourage creativity!  With a chalkboard wall, hopefully children won’t feel drawn to paint or color on your other walls!

Image found on BenjaminMoore.com

Other ideas for chalkboard paint:

  • IIn the kitchen, frame a chalkboard square on the wall with decorative molding or a colorful paint to display the day’s menu. This can be a great touch for special family meals and when entertaining guests.
  • Kids love to draw on “forbidden” surfaces like tabletops or closet doors. Turn these surfaces into wondrous canvases with chalkboard paint and multicolored chalk–they’ll love it, and it’s easy to clean up.
  • Personalize your coasters with chalkboard paint for just about any occasion. Use them as name cards at your dinner parties, draw storks on them for your best friend’s baby shower, or use magnetic tape to put them on your fridge as mini-blackboards. [Note: Be sure to prime the surface before painting.]
  • Do you have to rummage through your storage bins every time you need to find something you put away? Problem solved: Just paint chalkboard squares on your bins and label them. It’s a great way to keep things organized. [Note: Be sure to prime the surface before painting.]
  • A home office is the ideal spot for a family planner. Coat part of a wall with chalkboard paint and create four weeks’ worth of squares in a variety of chalk colors. Use it just like a regular planner for events, reminders, school schedules, and lots more.
  • If you enjoy growing herbs indoors, paint terracotta planters with chalkboard paint and label them with chalk to keep track of exactly what’s growing where–from basil to mint. [Note: Be sure to prime the surface before painting.)Cheers!Jan
    (Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)


See your favorite color combinations come to life!

See your favorite color combinations come to life with Benjamin Moore’s new Rooms by Color gallery online!

Image found on benjaminmoore.com

My favorite color is green and my wife’s is blue. What do you think of this children’s room painted green with blue accents?

Rooms by Color
Now you can see your favorite color combinations come to life online at BenjaminMoore.com with just a few clicks. Rooms by Color will display eight room types in stunning, perfectly coordinated color palettes drawn from eight of Ben Moore’s most popular color families. Find the perfect color scheme for every space in your home, room by room.

5 Easy Ways to Bring Color to Your Home

Image from colorchats.com

Benjamin Moore blogger Sharon Grech wrote, “One of the questions that I get asked all the time, is “how do I bring a splash of colour into my space when everything I have is neutral?”  As ideal as it is to start with a ”blank canvas,”  it can seem really overwhelming to add that first stroke of colour.  Similar to adding a trendy scarf colour, handbag or shoe to an all neutral outfit, bringing colour into your home is very personal, and for many people starts off conservative but before you know it,  turns into an obsession!”

Check out Sharon’s five easy ways to bring color into your home – from painted furniture to portable art.

Paint for Humid Environments

In a bathroom or laundry room, high moisture content and heavy water vapor can take a toll on paint. In the past, the traditional paint for humid environments was a semi-gloss finish. The shiny, durable surface of a semi-gloss paint prevents water from absorbing. Sure, the water beads and streaks, and the semi-gloss finish shows every little imperfection in the wall. But the alternative—mold and mildew spores thriving in a porous, less durable flat or matte paint—outweighed the semi-gloss coating’s aesthetic shortcomings.

Today, satin or semi-gloss isn’t the only option for a bathroom. A product like Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath and Spa (532) has a chemistry optimized for humid environments, even in a Matte finish. First, this low-VOC, low-odor blend of Aura is mildew-resistant enough to discourage the growth of stachybotrys chartarum, aka black mold. Second, it uses Color Lock Technology, a proprietary resin formulation designed to prevent colors from rubbing away if condensation on the paint is wiped off. Last, while conventional paints can be sensitive to moisture, Bath and Spa has been tested and designed specifically for these conditions.

For hospitals, schools, spas, and other environments where mold and mildew control can be a matter of public safety, Benjamin Moore makes a product called Eco Spec Silver. This formula contains elemental silver. In the presence of water, silver ions rise to the paint’s surface and attach themselves to mold microbes to inhibit their growth. The zero-VOC formula, is available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes.

Does your own bathroom seem muggy enough to need a silver bullet? It’s more likely that a mechanical solution to the room’s ventilation could help solve a chronic moisture problem. All bathrooms need an exhaust fan, and sometimes a little work on an existing fan can improve its performance. Take a few minutes to remove the cover, clean it off, unclog any blockages and give it a chance to move some air. If a fan is over ten years old, consider replacing it—they don’t last forever. Once a fan is running properly, two coats of Aura Bath and Spa should provide a satisfying finish. And with the walls taken care of, you can redirect your cleaning efforts into scouring the scum off those hazy old tiles.

(Found on paintgurus.com)

Mint, Green & Everything In Between?

Benjamin Moore design expert and DIY aficionado Leigh-Ann Allaire recently blogged on colorchats.com that she has been noticing a subtle buzz about the prospect of two throw-back hues creeping back into home trends…PEACH and MINT!

Hmmm…Is it time for these 1950′s ice cream shop hues to re-emerge into our trendy interiors? And if so, what other colors will they mingle with to form a new, fresh palette?

Read the complete story on colorchats.com.