The long winter hibernation is over!

The temperature hit 70 degrees today in central New Hampshire, and for the second night in a row we don’t need to start a fire in the wood stove.  That means our long winter hibernation is OVER!

Now that spring has sprung, are you finding that your house needs a refreshing coat of paint?  Maybe a summery color to perk up your living room?  A cool, soothing color for your bedroom?  While you’re in the spring cleaning mode, did you find some post-winter damage to your home or garage that needs attention?

Give Harry a call at 603-254-9838.  He’d be happy to take a look at your painting or home improvement project and provide you with a free estimate to get the job done at a fair and reasonable price.

I know Harry looks like a young buck, but he’s been painting and caring for Waterville Valley, Campton, Thornton and Plymouth-region homes and condominiums since 1981 (and prior to that, he worked his way through Plymouth State University (“College” back then) painting houses in northern New Hampshire).

Harry Stearns Painting


Harry Stearns Painting



Crayola Quiz: Can you name the crayon colors?

Did you enjoy Monday’s color quiz?  Well, here’s another color quiz from Crayola!  See how many crayon color names you can name.  For those of us of a certain age, it’s a nostalgia-inducing trip down memory lane!

Click here to go to the Crayola quiz.


(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)

There’s more to be a painting contractor than just painting!

It’s happened dozens of times before.  Harry’s hired to do some painting at a home or condominium and he discovers some clapboards or window trim are rotten and need to be replaced – and he takes care of it.  Or, the property owner says, “While you’re here…would you mind hanging this picture on the wall?”  Or, a new buyer wants to dispose of the furniture he inherited from the previous owner and asks, “Would you mind getting rid of this furniture for me?”

Harry’s answer is almost always, “Sure, I can take care of that for you.”

When you live and work as a painting contractor in a small community you’re more than just a painter; you’re the guy who gets things done for you – whether it’s home improvements, the proverbial honey-do list, or a full-scale renovation.  Even if Harry can’t personally do the work (for instance electrical and plumbing issues require licensed contractors), he’ll connect you with a reputable contractor who can get the job done.

Keeping your home in good condition enhances value.  

Harry at a job site in Waterville Valley, NH

Harry Stearns Painting’s services include…

  • Color consultation and selection
  • Drywall repairs and installation
  • Patching and re-texturing
  • Wall paper removal
  • Stucco sealing and repair
  • Wood rot repair or replacement
  • Trim and molding installation
  • Pool deck staining and coating
  • Garage and common area floor coating
  • Wood fence and deck refinishing

     Refer, coordinate and support community…

  • Network of contractors, realtors and stagers
  • Connections with faux, mural and artistic finishers
  • Coordinate with designers and decorators
  • Access to other local business services
  • Participate and promote community events

If you’re looking for a painting contractor who’s more than a painter, give Harry a call at 603-254-9838 or email  Harry’s service area includes the Waterville Valley, Campton, Thornton, Plymouth, and Holderness region of New Hampshire.

(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader!)

Vinyl is Final

It’s been a busy week for us.  You know the old saying, “Make hay while the sun shines?”  Well, the sun has been slow to shine here in New Hampshire which is a big problem for a painter with lots of exterior jobs scheduled!  I was finally able to move outside yesterday after finishing a job in Waterville Valley stripping wallpaper from three bathrooms and two bedrooms and painting a large condo.  Seeing all those 55-gallon garbage bags filled with wallpaper strips reminded me why I never papered my own home!

Asia, a fellow blogger, recently asked me about painting vinyl siding:

I just bought a house. It’s a smaller home with vinyl siding. I really wish the house was a different color, but I was told that although it is possible to paint vinyl siding, it can cause problems due to the expanding of the material during the warmer months. I was also told that you should never paint vinyl a color that is darker than the original color. Is that true…? I mean, my house is white, so what color is not darker than that? lol. In your professional opinion, do you think I am better off just re-siding it or painting it?

Here’s my response to Asia:

Vinyl is final in my book and I’ve never attempted painting it, nor would I even if a customer wanted to hire me to do it. The expansion and contraction issue would be a major consideration – especially here in New Hampshire with its four seasons – along with adhesion/bonding. There may be some specialty products you could use, but to go from white to a darker color could present problems because it attracts more heat, which could cause problems with the siding – buckling/warping, etc. My brother has a very light color vinyl siding on his house in southern New Hampshire. He has not painted it, and never will, because he has had problems where the sections that are exposed to sunlight and heat are actually warping (they look like they’re melting!). He’s had to replace the siding a number of times in that particular area.  So…bottom line…as a contractor, I would be leery about painting vinyl siding.