Tangerine: The New IT Color?

On Saturday I blogged about accent walls.  This morning I found this image of a tangerine colored accent wall that looks quite yummy!

Image found here

According to Ben Moore blogger Leigh-Ann Allaire, “There’s a fun and fiery little hue that has recently burst onto the design scene in a BIG way and nabbed major attention in the worlds of both fashion and decor alike…”

Leigh-Ann writes:

Described by some as vivacious, exotic, sophisticated, and even spirited, this colour has single-handedly invaded our closets, crept into our kitchens, taken us for a joy ride, and even kissed a cheek or two!

Pin pointing a colour trend isn’t always an easy task, but when you start to see a tasty colour like tangerine transition so seamlessly into various industries, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s made a mark.  But is it really a trend?  Or could it be that tangerine has been lingering in my fan deck all along as a classic??

See, long before tangerine tango’d its way onto the design industry dance floor, I fondly associated the hue with an iconic Parisian high fashion house established in 1837…. Hermes!

There has always been something so delectably chic about those beautiful orange pinstriped boxes…

And how can you not fall in love with this stunningly classic orange-tastic space inspired by the boxes themselves!

Regardless of whether you file TANGERINE under “Trendy” or “Classic”, would you dare to add a dash or a splash in your own home?

Just a DASH…

Painted Trim

Make a Bold Entrance’

Accent Walls & Colour Blocking

Painted Furniture

Make a SPLASH…

Like Leigh-Ann says, “There’s no doubt that tangerine is currently hot on the design scene! But the big question is…Are you into it, or over it?”


Harry Stearns Painting

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Before/After Bathroom

Our “master” bath – if it can be called that – is very small.  We painted the walls a creamy white with a white trim and natural pine ceiling, but I’m always looking for bathroom color ideas.

I found this before & after photo using the Benjamin Moore Affinity collection (safari AF-335, deep in thought AF-30 & sparrow AF-720). What do you think? Does it create a relaxing color palette?

Image found on benjaminmoore.com

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Best Paint Colors to Sell a House

In “real life” I work for a real estate brokerage firm in a 4-season mountain resort community, so I’m always looking for staging tips and tricks that will help make property more appealing to potential buyers.

According to California Paints, using certain interior paint colors can send buyers out the door, and some paint colors can attract potential customers.

Interior Paint Colors

A near-surefire approach when doing interior painting is to paint the walls a neutral color like beige, and the ceiling and trim white.  In fact, if you keep the trim and ceiling white, a wide range of colors will look attractive on your walls.

The key to interior colors is to combine warmth with neutrality. Warm colors are inviting and give a home a little more character than plain white walls would. Neutral colors help emphasize space and create the feel of a relaxing home. Home buyers most likely have furniture that they will bring into the home. They would prefer not to paint or buy new furniture to accommodate bold colors that you might want to use.

Exterior Paint Colors

Similarly, the safest approach to exterior painting is to use white, beige or another neutral color on the siding and a darker accent color on the trim.  Dark brown is often a good general purpose color for exterior trim.

Also, remember that no home exists in isolation:  its appearance is inevitably affected by the appearance of neighboring homes, and even the color of shrubs and trees around it.  You probably don’t want to paint your home the exact same color as your next door neighbor’s, but you probably do want to select a hue that will look attractive along side of it.

Paint Colors That Sell

A&E’s newest series Flipping Boston followed CityLight Homes business partners as they bought low-priced properties and raced through renovations in the Boston area. Sinking property values and high pressure projects require them to complete renovations using quality products that quickly get the job done. The transformations are incredible.

California Paints was luckily to be a part of the experience – the reputable flawless Elements® Zero VOC environmentally preferred interior paint line was featured on the series. Below you will find the California Paints’ colors that were selected to help seal the deal on the renovated homes.

Episode: “Flipping on Ice”

From left to right: Rain Barrel (wall), Asian Jute (wall), DE6225 Too Cool Taupe (trim), Winter Meadow (basement floor)

California Paints Rain BarrellCalifornia Paints Asian JuteCalifornia Paints Too Cool TaupeCalifornia Paints Winter Meadow

Episode: “War Next Door”

From left to right: DE6367 Covered In Platinum (wall), DE6369 Legendary Gray (wall), DE6365 Cold Morning (wall), White (trim)

Covered PlatinumLegendary GrayCold Morning

Episode: “The House that Dave Built”

From left to right: DEC751 Ash Grey (wall), DEC750 Bison Beige (wall), DE6170 Rice Bowl (trim)

Ash GreyBison BeigeRice Bowl

Episode: “New Flipper on the Block”

From left to right: Tyson Taupe (wall), DEC751 Ash Grey (wall), White (trim)

Tyson TaupeAsh Grey

Photos, video clips, and “Flipping Boston” epsidoes are available online.

Images & information found on californiapaints.com.

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Find your color

Hello.  My name is Jan Stearns. I am a sucker for color quizzes.

I had a lot of feedback from the last color quiz I wrote about.  Sooo…I just had to take another quickie quiz that I found on HGTV.com, ‘Find Your Color,’ which will supposedly help you create color schemes perfect for your home and personality.

Take the quiz here > > (Scroll midway down the page for the link)

What were your results?

Apparently, I am Warm & Vibrant!

“You are a sunny, energetic person who needs the same kind of colors surrounding you. Your ideal color palette consists of yellow, orange and red. Opt for deeper tones for a warm look and feel. Lighter, brighter tones produce vibrancy and stimulation.”

Image found on HGTV.com


(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)

Gray is the color of the day

I just finished reading the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and amidst the bright colors of summer featured throughout the magazine I was surprised to find the monthly featured color choice is gray. Driftwood gray to be exact. According to the article, “There’s a new gray in town, and it’s not the cold, steely hue you’re used to.  These go-with-everything shades,  inspired by weathered wood, radiate warmth.”

I was skeptical.  Summer’s all about sunny yellows and ocean blues, right?  But, I turned the page and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the gray, especially layered with more traditional summer colors.  (Pick-up a copy of the BH&G July 2012 issue to see what I mean.)

Image found on bhg.com

I was just cruising around HGTV’s blog and found that their color of the month for July is –  you guessed it – gray, although they use the other spelling, grey!

Marianne Canada, contributor to Design Happens, writes, “It’s officially the dog days of summer, at least it is here at HGTV headquarters. The temperatures have been coming in over 100 degrees and everyone has taken to the air conditioning. When it’s sweltering outside, you probably think of hot colors like Pantone’s Tangerine Tango, or maybe an intense chili pepper red. But this month we’re making a case for what might seem an unusual choice for July: Driftwood Grey.

Image found on blog.hgtv.com

“I know what you’re thinking, grey? For summer? But bear with me. Instead of thinking of stark, cold, wintery tones, picture the weather-beaten, sun-warmed grey of boardwalks and beach houses. We love how it pairs with sunny hues, but it looks equally great set off by neutrals.

Image found on blog.hgtv.com

Lili’s Driftwood Grey Pinterest board won our team over with its great use of the color, inside and out. When pitching her choice, she summed it up perfectly, “Driftwood grey evokes coastal climates for me, particularly the New England coastline. I think of sunbaked and wind-battered shingles on Cape Cod and gorgeous pieces of water-worn, knotty tree trunks. This is the lighter, breezier cousin of flannel grey and perfect for summer.”

What do you think? Are you feeling Driftwood Grey in the heat of this sultry summer?

(Harry’s wife, Harry Stearns Painting unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)

Favorite exterior paint jobs

Image found on CaliforniaPaints.com

Harry’s painted a lot of homes in the past 30+ years.  You’d think with all of the paint and stain colors Harry’s applied to houses that it would be easy for him and I to choose a color for our own house.  It’s not!  Our house has natural red cedar siding with a clear preservative on it.  We have spent – literally – years trying to agree on a stain color.

I just found a slide show of California Paint’s favorite exterior paint jobs. Guess what? I think I found my favorite color combination. Do you think you can guess which one it is?! (Hint: It’s NOT this one!)

Take a look here.

…Now to see if Harry agrees!

(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)

See your favorite color combinations come to life!

See your favorite color combinations come to life with Benjamin Moore’s new Rooms by Color gallery online!

Image found on benjaminmoore.com

My favorite color is green and my wife’s is blue. What do you think of this children’s room painted green with blue accents?

Rooms by Color
Now you can see your favorite color combinations come to life online at BenjaminMoore.com with just a few clicks. Rooms by Color will display eight room types in stunning, perfectly coordinated color palettes drawn from eight of Ben Moore’s most popular color families. Find the perfect color scheme for every space in your home, room by room.