Faux Bois Concrete Floors

We used to have a beautiful finished basement. An off-white Berber carpet, comfy furniture, a big TV, spare bed, and all the kid’s toys corralled into one place….

Then a record-breaking rain storm left us with a big mess of wet and moldy carpet.  Most of the carpet has been stripped out of the room leaving us with bare and boring concrete floors.  We’ve since had several more floods following big rain storms, so we don’t dare to re-carpet.  What to do?

I found inspiration from a fellow blogger, Mandi Grubler.  Check out how Mandi took a few cans of paint (and a little elbow grease scraping and scrubbing to remove the carpet glue) and turned a yucky concrete floor into a beautiful “faux bois” floor in her daughter’s room!  I can already visualize bold painted furniture and the colorful fabrics you could use to finish up this space.

Read Mandi’s step-by-step instructions on her blog, Vintage Revivals > >


BEFORE image found on vintagerevivals.com


AFTER image found on vintagerevivals.com

Thanks for the inspiration, Mandi!

Harry Stearns Painting’s unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader


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