Gray is the color of the day

I just finished reading the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and amidst the bright colors of summer featured throughout the magazine I was surprised to find the monthly featured color choice is gray. Driftwood gray to be exact. According to the article, “There’s a new gray in town, and it’s not the cold, steely hue you’re used to.  These go-with-everything shades,  inspired by weathered wood, radiate warmth.”

I was skeptical.  Summer’s all about sunny yellows and ocean blues, right?  But, I turned the page and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the gray, especially layered with more traditional summer colors.  (Pick-up a copy of the BH&G July 2012 issue to see what I mean.)

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I was just cruising around HGTV’s blog and found that their color of the month for July is –  you guessed it – gray, although they use the other spelling, grey!

Marianne Canada, contributor to Design Happens, writes, “It’s officially the dog days of summer, at least it is here at HGTV headquarters. The temperatures have been coming in over 100 degrees and everyone has taken to the air conditioning. When it’s sweltering outside, you probably think of hot colors like Pantone’s Tangerine Tango, or maybe an intense chili pepper red. But this month we’re making a case for what might seem an unusual choice for July: Driftwood Grey.

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“I know what you’re thinking, grey? For summer? But bear with me. Instead of thinking of stark, cold, wintery tones, picture the weather-beaten, sun-warmed grey of boardwalks and beach houses. We love how it pairs with sunny hues, but it looks equally great set off by neutrals.

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Lili’s Driftwood Grey Pinterest board won our team over with its great use of the color, inside and out. When pitching her choice, she summed it up perfectly, “Driftwood grey evokes coastal climates for me, particularly the New England coastline. I think of sunbaked and wind-battered shingles on Cape Cod and gorgeous pieces of water-worn, knotty tree trunks. This is the lighter, breezier cousin of flannel grey and perfect for summer.”

What do you think? Are you feeling Driftwood Grey in the heat of this sultry summer?

(Harry’s wife, Harry Stearns Painting unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)


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