Favorite exterior paint jobs

Image found on CaliforniaPaints.com

Harry’s painted a lot of homes in the past 30+ years.  You’d think with all of the paint and stain colors Harry’s applied to houses that it would be easy for him and I to choose a color for our own house.  It’s not!  Our house has natural red cedar siding with a clear preservative on it.  We have spent – literally – years trying to agree on a stain color.

I just found a slide show of California Paint’s favorite exterior paint jobs. Guess what? I think I found my favorite color combination. Do you think you can guess which one it is?! (Hint: It’s NOT this one!)

Take a look here.

…Now to see if Harry agrees!

(Harry’s wife, unpaid marketing consultant & chief cheerleader)


2 responses to “Favorite exterior paint jobs

  1. Hi Amy: Thanks for stopping by. The bold red home was not my pick (although I LOVE that color combo in the right environment and with the right style house). I’d like to keep our existing trim color (maroonish) and initially thought we should go with a green for the siding (something like the first photo in the slide show). But our house is in the woods with lots of green around us, so I’m rethinking the green siding and kind of fell for the house with the Gray Wolf siding and crimson trim. What do you think?!

    I was never a fan of gray, but paired with crimson…I like!

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