Best paint colors for men

Happy Father’s Day to my daddio and my dad-in-law!

I saw a statistic in the news that dads are less likely to get a gift on Father’s Day than moms are on Mother’s Day.  What do you get for the guy who has everything?  And doesn’t it seem like dads always have just what they need – no silly or frivolous gifts wanted or needed.

Here’s an idea.  How about creating a special space just for dad?  Whatever you choose to call it – Man Cave, Office, Den, Workshop – a place where dad can retreat, refresh, rejuvenate.

Colors play an important role in setting the atmosphere for your man cave. Glidden has released the top ten colors that are sure to make your space rock. Colors like Deep Garnet, Walnut Bark and Rich Navy lead the way. Find the right colors for your man cave with Glidden’s Top Ten Man Cave Colors for 2011:

House Beautiful designers reveal 13 colorful ways to please a man.

According to Time News Feed, real men don’t buy paint with enticing names like Fairytale Green or Butterscotch. They prefer colors dubbed Mo Money and Beer Time instead.

Such is the logic at Canada’s CIL Paints, which  renamed 27 of its paint colors in a bid to boost their appeal to men. Pumpkin Face has given way to Peanut Butter Punch. Bone White is now Beer Foam. And Cloud Nine—that’s a grayish duck egg, for all you ladies—is now Iced Vodka.

Well, if all else fails…I’ve found that the dads in my life still enjoy a batch of fresh baked cookies!

Cheers (and XO to the dads in my life),


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