Vinyl is Final

It’s been a busy week for us.  You know the old saying, “Make hay while the sun shines?”  Well, the sun has been slow to shine here in New Hampshire which is a big problem for a painter with lots of exterior jobs scheduled!  I was finally able to move outside yesterday after finishing a job in Waterville Valley stripping wallpaper from three bathrooms and two bedrooms and painting a large condo.  Seeing all those 55-gallon garbage bags filled with wallpaper strips reminded me why I never papered my own home!

Asia, a fellow blogger, recently asked me about painting vinyl siding:

I just bought a house. It’s a smaller home with vinyl siding. I really wish the house was a different color, but I was told that although it is possible to paint vinyl siding, it can cause problems due to the expanding of the material during the warmer months. I was also told that you should never paint vinyl a color that is darker than the original color. Is that true…? I mean, my house is white, so what color is not darker than that? lol. In your professional opinion, do you think I am better off just re-siding it or painting it?

Here’s my response to Asia:

Vinyl is final in my book and I’ve never attempted painting it, nor would I even if a customer wanted to hire me to do it. The expansion and contraction issue would be a major consideration – especially here in New Hampshire with its four seasons – along with adhesion/bonding. There may be some specialty products you could use, but to go from white to a darker color could present problems because it attracts more heat, which could cause problems with the siding – buckling/warping, etc. My brother has a very light color vinyl siding on his house in southern New Hampshire. He has not painted it, and never will, because he has had problems where the sections that are exposed to sunlight and heat are actually warping (they look like they’re melting!). He’s had to replace the siding a number of times in that particular area.  So…bottom line…as a contractor, I would be leery about painting vinyl siding.



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